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The Steve Pinkston Endowment



Mr. Pinkston's work at Bellarmine has been an expression of his ministry. He served thousands of students and families over 40 years as teacher, coach, administrator, mentor, and spiritual leader, and made deep connections with so many people. Mr. Pinkston shaped so many lives in ways that remain to this day. In recognition of his work, the Steve Pinkston Endowment was envisioned in order to:
  • Promote faculty diversity at Bellarmine
  • Attract racially and culturally diverse youth and families to Bellarmine and support them in their time at the school; and
  • Inspire young people to enter the teaching profession.

The Pinkston Fellowship

The Steve Pinkston Endowment is a specific endowment fund within the larger Bellarmine Endowment that will support the salary of the Pinkston Fellowship, open to recent college graduates and graduate students, of racially and culturally diverse descent who wish to serve at Bellarmine either through teaching, coaching, counseling or faith-based ministry.

Bellarmine seeks to help promote a diverse teacher pipeline, as well as promote a more diverse workforce overall. Additionally, it is Bellarmine's hope that Mr. Pinkston's teaching philosophy, with this fellowship, will inspire and encourage each Pinkston fellow to devote his or her life to the profession of teaching.

The Campaign

This is an opportunity to honor the work of Mr. Pinkston, who has mentored and nurtured so many students and families in his 40 years at Bellarmine. This is also an opportunity to further move the needle on faculty diversity at Bellarmine.

A funding of $2,000,000 will endow this Fellowship permanently. Every dollar counts, and we are asking you to make a first-time gift or to increase your current giving to support this campaign.

Can we count on you to continue Mr. Pinkston's legacy and to Press ON?
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